Alberta’s recession is over, how is Alberta business keeping up?

Alberta’s recession is over, how is Alberta business keeping up?


In the up and down oil and gas industry, where the likes of Shell Canada is coming off a dismal year.  Kaymor is becoming one of the best and fastest growing machining, welding and mechanical shops in Western Canada. In order to keep up with demand across Alberta, Kaymor is growing into new markets and adding services. To support that growth Kaymor is working with Community Futures to encourage high school students to consider the “trades”.

The Alberta Recession Is Over

The Alberta recession is over, as stated in a March 7th Globe and Mail article by Tavia Grant, “When it comes to jobs Alberta is in a class of its own”, at the It states that in the last year 82,300 out of a total 94,700 jobs or 9 out of 10 jobs were created in Alberta alone. Kaymor believes that by increasing awareness for trades apprenticeship programs and Alberta’s Red Seal program, an educated workforce will not only help Kaymor meet the demands for its growth, but that of many industrial sectors across Alberta.

“Robert is forward thinking and that is exactly what is required to come up with solutions to the Alberta labor situation. Taking the time to influence the next generation of workers is critical but often overlooked in our busy province,” stated Janet Plante of Blue Collar Consulting.

It’s Rewarding

“It’s rewarding to work with teachers and students to spread the news about opportunities that exist within the trades here in Alberta,” says Robert Stegmeier, President of Kaymor.  Stegmeier went on to say, “The demand for skilled labor in Alberta is high, which is why I feel so strongly about this program, it benefits all industry, and countless Albertans, not just Kaymor.”

Robert Stegmeier – President

Robert Stegmeier – President

About Kaymor:

Incorporated in 2001 and now with over 40 employees and numerous services Kaymor is ready to take on any challenge. From custom machining to plant maintenance, drilling rig certification to portable welding and millwrighting, Kaymor is growing. In the last year Kaymor has brought in a third partner, a journeyman heavy-duty mechanic, Kaymor has also started a chemical plant maintenance division in the Leduc area.

More Information: Robert Stegmeier, President/CEO Kaymor 780-538-2623