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Our design and drafting team are highly qualified technical experts who are passionate about their respective fields. Providing a comprehensive range of design, they will work in collaboration with you to understand and meet your overall objective.


The final product is viewed in a virtual environment and product layout is verified before fabrication occurs. Detailed fabrication drawings are then generated from these models when the design is finalized.

Advanced Technology


Kaymor creates flat-layouts for forming and exports the design to formats compatible with CNC machinery or files appropriate for water jet, plasma, laser cutting, or any other automatic fabricating process. Drawings include all relevant fabrication details, including welding and tolerances appropriate to machining, forming, assembly or other fabrication processes.


At Kaymor we take advantage of the latest technology in the design of products. Kaymor utilizes SOLIDWORKS, a 3D software program which enables the modeling of parts and assemblies in a 3D environment. This ability allows for innovation in product design and improved efficiency by ensuring a product will be exactly what is desired before it is built on the shop floor.


For all your industrial design and drafting needs in the Grande Prairie area be sure to get in touch with the team at Kaymor.

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