President’s Message

A message from: Robert Stegmeier


Welcome to Kaymor.


As the founding partner firstly, I’d like to start by thanking each and every member of the Kaymor team. In addition, i want you to know I appreciate all your contributions, loyalty and hard work. Above all, i recognize that without you the company would not have the success it has today.


Specially , i also would like to take this time and thank our customers for allowing us the privilege of helping you achieve your business goals, as this helps us accomplish ours. Your trust in the Kaymor brand allows us to deliver a product and a level of service that continues to exceed expectations. Moreover , your input drives our innovation and commitment to world-class customer support.


Most importantly, Our success is dependent on the prosperity of our customers and each of us must remain invested in your satisfaction. The ability to form this type of enduring partnerships with our clients allows us to foster a level of pride in our work that is immeasurable. Our expertise is laser focused on your needs and wants. Our fortune is based on your satisfaction and our ability to adapt to your constant changing needs.


Kaymor’s success is based on trust, loyalty, community, customer service, commitment, and team work. I look forward to building for the next generation in partnership with customers like you.