Vision, Mission, Principles & Values


Five years from now Kaymor Industrial Solutions will be known as a global leader in the manufacturing, supplying and servicing of products within the global industrial sector market. We will reach our five-year goal of $21M in revenue by maintaining our commitment to delivering excellent customer service and remaining true to our focus on product and service diversification. Our commitment to diversification in service and our commitment to innovation in design are at the heart of Kaymor and remains core to who we are and what we do. We will achieve our vision by also maintaining our culture of inclusiveness, trust and respect of all our employees who work each day diligently focused on meeting and exceeding the needs of our partners and customers. Together, as one team, Kaymor is committed to building strong and lasting relationship with all our customers so that they can achieve their business goals effectively and efficiently.


Kaymor’s mission is to keep our customers fixed assets up and running; we strive to be their trusted problem solver. We decrease customer downtime and increase their productivity and profitability. We are interested in our customer’s well being and we are aligned with their interests; we see ourselves in a strategic relationship with our customers.

Principles & Values

Honesty & Integrity:

  • Kaymor will do the right thing for both the employee and customer
  • We will conduct business based on the highest ethics of trust, integrity, and value for the individual



  • Kaymor will empower employees to help in decision making
  • Employees will be treated fairly and have equal opportunity with our organization to thrive and to achieve their potential



  • Kaymor will be accountable for all decisions and actions
  • We reward achievements
  • We believe there is nothing more powerful than a team

Open Communication:

  • Kaymor ensures that there is an open door policy for our employees and customers, encouraging each other to listen
  • We promote cooperation and the exchange of information across the whole company
  • We strongly believe that different perspectives and experiences bring strength and creativity to our work



  • Kaymor applies new technologies to enhance all operating processes
  • We will continually measure and improve our results
  • Our promise is to only deliver exceptional quality