B620 Highway Tank Repair

Kaymor Industrial’s B620 Highway Tank Repair in Grande Prairie & Area


Kaymore Industrial offers a wide range of B620 Highway Tank Repair Options. Certified by Transport Canada, we can provide services for TC406 and TC407 Tanks.


We are always adding more services to our repair portfolio so make sure to give us a call, whatever your needs!

Remount Repair Services


  • Adding or removing inlets and outlets.
  • Changing number of compartments.
  • Altering baffles and dividers.
  • Changing venting systems
  • Adding pump box and plumbing.

Tank Repair Services


  • Rollovers and insurance claims.
  • Leaks in barrels.
  • Cracked dividers and baffles.
  • Pitting.
  • Floor and wall sections.
  • Sump replacements and repairs.

Pipe Modifications & Repair Services


  • Change of pipe size.
  • Material changes (from carbon to stainless or aluminum)
  • Internal and external pipe
  • Rerouting pipe
  • Leak repair
  • Remove and replace worn or damaged pipe

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