Higher productivity and lower costs. TREEKING is driven to outperform.


  1. Massive Power – 18,000 ft-lbs hydraulic delimbing force
  2. Programmable Lengths – Any length or diameter can be preset
  3. Indexing Plate – Accurate lengths every time while multi-stemming
  4. Large Grab Arms – Firmly hold up to 8 stems with no fiber damage
  5. Delimbing Knives – Toughest delimbing arms in the industry
  6. Top & Butt Saws – Top saw (18″) Butt Saw (30″)

The forest industry—it’s about higher productivity and lower costs. However, Logging operations have used this formula for many years in order to stay competitive in today’s aggressive lumber market .In addition, The consistent implementation of new technologies is the way to make that formula work.


Most compelling evidence, The KTI TreeKing’s unique design increases productivity by decreasing fiber damage and down-time, allowing multi-stemming, all the while raising the bar with incredible accuracy and reliability.After all,  Decreased down time with less moving parts, simplified construction and interchangeable components. All this capability in one cost-effective, cutting-edge machine.

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