Buy what the kids are selling!

Buy what the kids are selling!

Normally I write blogs about machining, welding, heavy duty mechanical or hydraulics, but not this time. In fact, I’m not even writing this blog, I’m ‘borrowing’ it from a gentleman named Donald Cooper MBA, CSP, HoF, who in turn
‘borrowed’ it from a gentleman named Randy Phillips. Mr. Phillips blog is the true essence of encouragement, kindness and the introduction to entrepreneurship for our younger generation.

Buy what the kids are selling. It’s that simple!

They’re outside grocery stores or in the malls, with their tables set up and piled high with whatever they’re selling. You look the other way, thinking to yourself, “If I pretend to not see them, I don’t have to buy anything”

NO!!! Go over to that table! They’ve got wrapping paper. Yes you can get it half price at one of the big box stores, or maybe you don’t think you need it. None of that matters nor is it the issue. Go buy what the kids are selling!

They have chocolates. You’re on a diet, you don’t like chocolate. It’s not about what you can’t or won’t eat!
Buy what the kids are selling.

Mr. Phillips stated he walks over to the table and asks, “What’s the largest amount that you’ve sold today? Who bought the most?”

One of the kids replies, “Well, somebody bought five boxes”

To which Mr. Phillips states, “Give me ten. I want ten boxes of those cookies.”

His wife, of course, wants to know what on earth he’s going to do with ten boxes of cookies?

What is he going to do with ten boxes of cookies? He probably doesn’t know or even care what he’s doing with them. It’s about the look on the kids faces and the confidence you’re building in them.

You’re teaching these kids how commerce works, a glimpse into entrepreneurship. It’s how the world works, you have something of value and I give you money.

Encouragement speaks loudest when followed by an action–your action.

Buy whatever the kids are selling!!!

Give a child the gift of encouragement and hope. You can always give away that thing you bought. Don’t forget to explain why you bought it in the first place. Remember kindness is contagious, and just maybe your recipient will be inspired to do the same.

So next time you’re out and see a little table set up with kids selling something you don’t want or need, shrug your shoulders, walk over to that table and always, always buy what the kids are selling!!