Introducing The TreeKing

Introducing The TreeKing

Kaymor has signed a licensing agreement with KTI (Kerik Technologies Inc.) for manufacturing rights to the TreeKing Processor.  This revolutionary equipment will be built in Kaymor’s shop.  Rob Stegmeier, Kaymor and Les Kerik, KTI, are very excited to introduce the TreeKing to the logging industry of western Canada.

During the 45,000hr, multi-year field testing, research and development phase, KTI refined the TreeKing prototype.  They also realized the TreeKing Processor increases logging efficiency and delivers a higher quality product in less time.

The TreeKing Processor provides the following in one efficient machine:

  • Multi-Stems up to 8 trees
  • Used on hardwood and softwood
  • Increased fiber recovery without feed roller damage
  • Accurate non-contact multi-length measuring
  • Two line hydraulic installation process
  • The TreeKing reduces operator fatigue
  • Versatile productivity – 3″ to 30″ effective processing range


With over 18,500 ft/lbs of de-limbing force and using minimal hydraulic flow, allows the Treeking to be installed on carriers ranging from 22-25 tons.  This will be key in reducing operating costs and carbon emissions thus lowering initial capital expenditure.

The wood fiber recovery is higher quality as the TreeKing does not use feed rollers to control and propel the log that is being processed.  The non-contact linear measuring system greatly increasing the accuracy level, is far superior compared to the competition, and can measure top and butt size to maximize highest value of log recovery.  According to a study, completed by FP Innovations-Feric, comparing processing heads found on other systems could multi-stem 2% of the time while the TreeKing could multi-stem 86% of the time.

The TreeKing Processor head is revolutionizing the logging industry and provides an excellent competitive Made in Canada advantage. Learn more about how you can increase your productivity with this processor.  Contact Us Today.