The TreeKing is Ready For Assembly

The TreeKing is Ready For Assembly

It is a very exciting time as we move forward with the build of the TreeKing here at Kaymor. The TreeKing is a processor that is revolutionizing the logging industry by increasing productivity while reducing fibre damage.

Here are a couple pictures of the parts that are back from paint and looking great. They are made of high strength QT100 Plate and all the pin bosses are machined after welding for improved quality.

treeking parts

The outer boom of the Treeking powder coated in black


Treeking delimmbing parts

The de-limbing head and carriage of the TreeKing


These parts have been stress relieved. Stress relieving is the process to reduce internal residual stresses in a metal object by heating it to a suitable temperature and holding it for a proper time at that temperature. The temperature is then brought down over a specific time period. Stresses in metal are caused from welding, machining, casting, quenching, normalizing, and cold working. Stress relieving these parts on TreeKing is very important due to the material they are built from and the high 18500 ft/lbs of de-limbing force that the processor has.  As a result this will reduce maintenance costs and down time.

We now look forward to starting final assembly. Watch for more pictures to come!