Kaymor Now Offers Equipment Leasing

Kaymor Now Offers Equipment Leasing

Kaymor is now proud to partner with RCAP to provide leasing services, an equipment financing company who has been offering services for 46 years.  Leasing is a great option for those who want to take advantage of what new or quality equipment can do for your business.  Allow your business to grow and increase productivity by putting the equipment to use today.

Some of the advantages of our leasing services are:

  1. 100% financing
  2. Allows you to conserve your working capital
  3. Avoid commitment to obsolete equipment
  4. Great tax benefits
  5. Convenient and easy acquisition terms that fit your needs
  6. Self financing benefits
With numerous leasing options in today’s market, Kaymor will issue a tailored plan, at competitive rates.  Kaymor can manufacture your product and provide leasing. with a quick turnaround on approval.

Terry Soetaert, Senior Business Development Officer at RCAP, will work closely with Kaymor to find the best solution for your business.

For more information contact Robert, President at Kaymor Machining and Welding.