Kaymor Working With TSR

Kaymor Working With TSR

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Kelvin Twerdochlib, Operations Manager at Grande Prairie TSR

At Kaymor we are honoured to donate our time to vital members of our community. The Mechanical team have been busy repairing and servicing TSR Units. TSR is Grande Prairie Technical Search and Rescue. TSR was formed in 1995 by a group of core members who are all volunteers that help find missing people in the area.


Kaymor performed an oil change and service on the Command Center. We also had chance to install  an Auto Ejection Power Plug for unit when charging. This will help when the team has a mission so when they start the unit the plug ejects.  There will be no more ripped cords from team members forgetting to unplug from the wall in station.

We are looking forward to a long working relationship with TSR! They are a vital part of our community. Thanks to all the Technical Search and Rescue members for all hard work and dedication! To learn more about TSR you can visit their website here.

tsr unit grande prairie

The technical search and command unit