Kaymor Introduces the XHand Multi-Function Excavator Attachment

Kaymor Introduces the XHand Multi-Function Excavator Attachment

Last week we had the pleasure of attending the Prince George Resources show and we met some great vendors! As a result Kaymor has joined forces with XHand Inc.

Kaymor will provide the XHand multi-function excavator attachment at our shop here in Clairmont, AB which is just outside of Grande Prairie AB. The XHand is an incredible piece of machinery in that is have multi purposes within one piece of equipment.

The XHand has 5 primary functions:

  • Digging: digging and clean-up capabilities in ONE attachment
  • Dozing: moving material forward and back, with double edge grading functionality
  • Shovel loading: forward loading from the ground up for increased efficiency
  • Grabbing: full-width double-sided grabbing for maximum productivity
  • Screening: filtering debris using both screening surfaces, saving time and money

The Kaymor team will have the XHand on the shop floor so that you can view this powerful piece of equipment, as we will also be providing a demo for all visitors.  If you have an inquiries or would like more information on the XHand give our business development manager Dave Grace a call at 780-512-3018.

Once again we want to thank XHand for this great opportunity and look forward to working together!