Bringing New Technology To The Logging Industry

Bringing New Technology To The Logging Industry

Forestry and logging, a lifeblood of those in Northern Alberta and BC is and industry that we take seriously and should not be overlooked.  As a major contributor to the Canadian economy and the second-leading exporter of forestry goods in the world, the logging and forestry industry contributes considerably to the surplus global balance of trade in Canada. A large concentration of machinery and technology is heavily outweighed to the oil and gas industry, however it is important to note that there is also new technology and practices when it comes to the forestry Industry.

The Benefits of The TreeKing

At Kaymor we are proud to bring energy efficiency to those in the logging industry. The Treeking greatly boosts productivity with the ability to multi-stem as much as eight logs at a time, without compromising the quality of fiber and length accuracy. A width of 36 inches is opened by the delimbing knives to collect multiple stems from the deck. Using grab arms instead of the conventional feed rollers enables the TreeKing to process logs with least contact to the tree, leading to quality, clean logs on the deck.


The strong design of the machine enables it to deal with challenging trees with up to 30 inches diameter. Another benefit of the TreeKing is its equally amazing capability to deal with small wood down to 3 inches, greatly reducing the need for a small-wood and a big-wood head to carry out all your cut-to-length processing.

Regardless of what the pile contains, the TreeKing can deal with it. Increased recovery of fiber is achieved with the agile capability to deal with poor log profiles in the boreal forest. It works by using less repetitive operator efforts, in effect decreasing the likelihood of accidents caused by mistakes due to fatigue. With its energy efficient capabilities, the TreeKing will not only will increase your productivity but reduce costs.

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