How Kaymor removes broken bolts and seized set screws.

How Kaymor removes broken bolts and seized set screws.

There is nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of a job and you come across a broken bolt or seized setscrew that won’t budge, no matter what tool you use! Everyone, at some point, runs into this issue and is at a loss as to how to remove it.

There are many tools tat claim to be the best at removing broken bolts and seized setscrews.  The main instructions are as follows:

  • drill a hole into the middle of the bolt or setscrew.
  • drive a wedge or left hand screw into the hole.

Sounds simple! Unfortunately, when you apply the above instructions, basic physics comes into play and things go awry. Bolts rarely break off flat, this causes the drill to wander off center, damaging the treads of the hole.  Driving a wedge or left hand screw into the hole only results in more complications. This actually forces the bolt or screw outward and tighter in the hole. So now not only do you still have a broken bolt or seized setscrew stuck, you also have a wedge jammed into the hole, locking everything in tight.

Of course this is where Kaymor comes in. Our talented Machinists and Welders are very skilled at removing broken bolts, setscrews and the tools used. Before you attempt to do this yourself, bring the job to Kaymor and avoid extra costs. Once here the shop foreman will decide if the bolt can be machined out or welded out.

How does Kaymor complete these procedures you ask?

Our highly trained welders first spray a penetrating oil on the bolt to release any rut that may have accumulated between the threads. Heat is applied directly to the bolt for expansion, Then water is poured on the bolt to shrink it.

 Utilizing a special welding rod, our welder are now able to go down the center of the hole and weld a bead upwards without touching the wall of the hole.

They can then weld a nut on and turn out the broken bolt.

The shop foreman may decide that machining is the best procedure to use. Generally the machinist will square off the top of the broken bolt so they have a flat area to work with.

Using a milling machine to line up the hole perfectly, the machinist will drill the bolt out. The threads that are left will be peeled out of the part.

Our machinists and welders always run a tap into the hole making sure the treads are as good as new.

So before you have the headache of trying to remove a broken bolt or seized setscrew, give Kaymor a call at 780-532-2623.