The best of two worlds. Lowering the center of gravity, simply revolutionary!


  1. Driving user – friendliness
  2. Connect attached to versatility
  3. The Quest for simplicity – Driving our research
  4. Climb up and down easily
  5. Fill up your tank effortlessly
  6. Ground Clearance
  7. Naturally Balanced


  1. 2 Doors for easy access on both sides
  2. Rigid chassis
  3. Four wheel steering for maximum stability and excellent maneuverability
  4. Load dependent axle Support
  5. Chain operated swing system with constant and precise swing speed
  6. Monoboom allows a working area of 100 degree between the wheels
  7. Electro-Hydraulic Quick coupler
  8. optimal access to all service points
  9. Wide range of attachments


  1. 360 Degree Rotation
  2. Flexibility at the highest level
  3. Unique for a compact crawler excavator
  4. Load when you choose
  5. Handling under ground level, unique for an excavator
  6. Tool Carrier – The quest strength of versatility
  7. Naturally Balanced



For the past 60 years, innovation, accuracy and the search for performance have been the leading keywords of our company’s vision. At Mecalac, we imagine the machines designed for the construction sites of the 21st century. Since every job has it’s own characteristics and restrictions, since each country has it’s own culture, we build machines that respond perfectly to today’s challenges.  We proud to be human innovators who improve and push back the limits of our clients’ objectives.

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