Skilled Trades transferable between Alberta & Nova Scotia

Skilled Trades transferable between Alberta & Nova Scotia

Finally, support for apprentices to take their work experience and training between Alberta and Nova Scotia. This is great news for Robert Stegmeier at Kaymor, “this will benefit all of Alberta, especially northern Alberta, as the demand for skilled labour is high.” Robert has worked with local High Schools, and recently meet with Thomas Lukaszuk, in hopes of finding innovative ways to bring skilled trades to Alberta. Here’s the Daily Herald Tribune article of Thomas’s visit to Kaymor.  Robert  feels this is a great beginning.

According to the Alberta Government web site, “this agreement will improve the recognition of in-province training, allow for the recognition of apprenticeship work experience hours and enhance labour mobility for apprentices in both provinces.”

Dave Hancock, Premier and Minister of Innovation and Advanced Education, stated “We want to make it easier for apprentices and skilled workers in Canada to go where the work is.”

This is exactly what Robert was hoping for, as  Kaymor is always seeking to add quality people to our growing team of machinists, welders, millwrights and heavy duty mechanics.

The above article goes on to advise that Alberta is working with other provinces and territories through the New West Partnership Agreement and the Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship to enhance apprenticeship mobility.

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