Pressure Tank Certification in the Works at Kaymor

Pressure Tank Certification in the Works at Kaymor

Kaymor is preparing for big things come June.  The welders are testing for their certificate of authorization to construct,maintain, and service pressure equipment such as vac trucks (like the ones below from Birch Oilfield Services).   This certification is issued by ABSA.

DSC02205    DSC02206

ABSA is authorized by the government of Alberta for the administration and delivery of safety programs related to boilers, pressure vessels and pressure piping.  They oversee all pressure welding practices in Alberta including the examination and certification of pressure welders, machine welding operations and welding examiners.

The examination verifies competency and compliance to ensure safety.  Pressure welders are required to demonstrate specific skills and knowledge.  They have  a number of responsibilities under the Safety Code Act and Regulations, such as:

  • “only perform welding within the limitations of your performance qualification card
  • perform welding in accordance with a welding procedure registered for use in Alberta
  • perform welding under a valid quality program for construction, modification or repair of pressure equipment
  • ensure that your certificate of competency and applicable performance qualification card are available when performing welding on pressure equipment
  • renew your certificate of competency or performance qualification card before the expiry date
  • identify your weldments by assigned symbols except for Pressure Tack Welders”

Kaymor must also meet the requirements set out by Transport Canada under Clause 8 of CSA B620 standard to manufacture, modify, assemble, repair, test, and/or inspect highway tanks and/or TC portable tanks pursuant to CSA-B620.

Once all is said and done, Kaymor will be the only company in the Grande Prairie area that will be able to manufacture, modify, repair, assemble, inspect, test and retest the following tanks:


TC406Highway tank for flammable liquids and low hazard chemicals (e.g. gasoline,diesel)


TC407Highway tank for toxic, corrosive and flammable liquids;


TC412Highway tank for corrosive and some flammable liquids;


TC44Portable tank for diesel fuel only

They will also be able to modify, repair, inspect, test and retest the following tanks:


TC331Highway tank for liquefied compressed gas;


TC338Insulated highway tank for gases as refrigerated liquids;


TC341Insulated highway tank for non flammable gases as refrigerated liquids;

Kaymor looks forward to working with businesses such as Birch Oilfield services.

Kaymor would like to extend a special thanks to Birch Oilfield Services for giving us the opportunity to use photos of their Vac trucks in our blog.