Kaymor’s Client Focus-Baker Hughes

Kaymor’s Client Focus-Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes is an oilfield service company with over 60,000 employees in more than 80 countries.  Even though Baker Hughes was only founded in 1987 with the merger of Baker International and Hughes Tool Company the combined experiences equates to more than a 100 years.  With the development of a casing shoe in 1907 by Baker, that modernized cable tool drilling to the introduction of the first roller cutter in 1909 by Hughes, that improved the drilling process, Baker Hughes continues to lead the industry with innovated products in well completions, drilling tools and related services.


“As a global company and an oilfield service industry leader, Baker Hughes strives to operate in a sustainable manner.” states president and CEO Martin S Craighead.  The company has a strong community presence and  is involved in a wide range of charitable organizations, such as Child Advocates Inc, The National MS Society, Susan G Komen for the cure and March of Dimes, to name a few.  As Craighead said, the company,  ” also encompasses our community involvement and commitment to being a responsible, legally compliant corporate citizen”.

Baker Hughes creates value from oil and gas reservoirs with high performance drilling evaluation, completions and product technology and continues to look for ways to lower costs, reduce risk or improve productivity for global oil and gas.


With the proposed acquisition of Baker Hughes by Halliburtion, chairman and CEO of Halliburton Dave Lesar told Rueters “the combined entity would be more resilient and able to offer a wider suite of products globally.” He went on to say, “Stronger in any market condition is better.  We are in a cyclical business.”

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With this in mind, Kaymor would like to thank Baker Hughes for their patronage and is excited to continue working with them in the future.