Kaymor’s Client Focus-Citadel Drilling

Kaymor’s Client Focus-Citadel Drilling

Rig 1 Crew Team

Our client focus this week is on Citadel Drilling.  Citadel Drilling  is a fairly new company, founded in March 2013, but their innovative thinking has brought them to the fore front of  drilling.  Citadel’s main headquarters are in Calgary, AB, and they have their operations center in Nisku, AB.

Citadel drilling has a fleet of modern, technically advanced AC triple (TA2 CT) rigs, series 1 and 2.  Both series have many advantages such as:

-box on box substructure

-walking system

-original catwalk design

All rigs are designed to optimize efficiencies, reduce downtime and labor costs.


In the drilling and service sector, Citadel’s leadership team experience ranges from 10-35 years.  They are committed to bringing their clients exceptional service.

The company is based on teamwork, from management to the crews in the field.  They believe in  respect for one another is the key to success and that every voice is heard.  With an open door policy, Citadel wants everyone to feel comfortable discussing matters with individuals at all levels.

Citadel is committed to safety of their employees and clients and protection of the environment.

With similar purpose, vision and values, Kaymor is excited and proud to have Citadel Drilling as a valued client and looks forward to many more years of working together.