Kaymor at Peace Region Petroleum Show

Kaymor at Peace Region Petroleum Show

For the first time Kaymor will have a booth at the Peace Region Petroleum Show.

The biennial show sets up at Evergreen Park, 3.5km south of Grande Prairie, opening to visitors May 13 and 14/2015.   The sold out show will feature hundreds of exhibitors displaying various equipment, services and the latest technology vital to the petroleum  industry. As one of the larger petroleum shows in Canada,  thousands of visitors are expected to attend.  For more information on times visit the 2015 Peace Region Petroleum Show website.

At booth 4021, you can see our display of welding trucks, mechanics trucks and the lathe that was built by Alfred Stegmeier, father to owner Robert Stegmeier.  Also being displayed are some parts that have been built in the shop out at Clairmont.


With over 40 employees, from journeymen welders,  heavy duty mechanics,  machinists and millwrights, Kaymor is Alberta’s best industry support team.  Kaymor offers a wide variety of services from mud pump repair, drilling rig repair, frac pump and deck engine repair, electronic and mechanical diesel engine diagnostic and repair.  With their machining and welding capabilities the Kaymor team can manufacture or repair everything from small intricate parts to large structural steel beams.  They’ve even modified  a motorcycle frame and machined a plaque for the Petroleum Association’s “Oilmen of the Year”.

small frame pic                                     image1

Starting in June, Kaymor will be offering highway tank services, including manufacturing, modifying, repairs, assembling, testing and inspecting, pursuant to CSA-B620, of TC44, TC406, TC407, TC412.  Modification, repairs, inspections, test and retesting will apply to TC331, TC338, TC341 tanks.  Kaymor will be the only company in the Peace Region offering this service.

Management and employees hope to see you at booth 4021, so they can discuss the variety of services offered by Kaymor.