Safety Procedures on Welding Location

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Safety Procedures on Welding Location

Kaymor takes great pride in following all the recommended safety standards required for maintaining a safe workplace. Welding is a process that joins materials by fusion. It is this powerful process of fusing metal and melting down that brings up numerous welding safety issues such as toxic smoke, burns, light radiation and harmful dust.

Rest assured, if workers are aware of the proper safety procedures before setting out the flame, they can guarantee their own safety and that of others at the welding workplace. Here are some basic safety tips to consider:

  • The eyes are at a huge risk during the welding process. To protect them, welders must wear a welding helmet with a filter lens. Welders are also to wear safety glasses with sideshields under the helmets to avoid irritation and always wear the proper eye protection when gas welding and oxygen cutting.
  • While grinding a face shield should be worn to avoid sparks and debris that could become airborne.
  • To guarantee welding safety welders should wear the right clothing that fully covers the body and all the clothing should be flame resistant.
  • As to hands, welders should wear hole-free, dry, insulated and fire-resistant welding gloves in order to protect the hands from cuts, burns, scratches and electric shock.
  • Welders should ensure the protection of their ankles and feet by wearing steel-toed, leather or high-topped boots to provide the best shielding.
  • Your welding supplies should consist of earplugs to prevent hearing loss and to prevent spatters and sparks from entering your ears.
  • For the overall safety at the welding workplace workers are to avoid carrying any matches or lighters, which can catch fire when they come into contact with sparks.
  • The welding process produces hazardous clouds to the health. So the workplace should be ventilated properly and workers should use welding respirators when needed to guarantee healthy breathing.
  • Proper maintenance of the welding equipment in good quality also ensures the safety at the welding workplace.
  • And, being aware of their work area by keeping it clear of debris to prevent fires while welding.

Welding accidents are easily preventable if we are all familiar with the recommended safety guidelines and procedures. Safety and quality go hand in hand at Kaymor workplace. Contact us if you have any questions or service inquiries in Grande Prairie and area.